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My name is Rick May. I'm a freelance web designer/developer that would like to design, build, and grow your brand's web presence.
a product to sell?

You do have a story to tell!

And I'm here to help you tell it through color, typography, and motion.
Because attention spans are short and second chances are rare, allow me to get your brand's message across before an opportunity is lost.

your web presence experience!

Your web presence may be the most important marketing tool that you have. Allow me to design an experience that will engage visitors, encourage their exploration, and immerse them in your brand.
Don't waste resources figuring out how all these components fit together. I'm here to take that off your shoulders while you continue to focus on your business.

Beyond the build.

Once your site has been deployed, you'll receive 90 days of support. After those first three months, I'm happy to offer everything from continued support to a completely "hands-off" solution.

Commitment to your brand.

From concept through deployment, I'll be laser focused on your success. I'm dedicated to exceeding your expectations and achieving measurable results.
Some Recent Work
Recent Work
Blue Leaf Mental Wellness Center
Blue Leaf Mental Wellness Center
The client asked for a colorful and warm design that would make site visitors feel comfortable. It was important to convey not only the overall practice message, but the personality and specialty of the individual therapists.
Using an app-like design, the main screens have minimal copy with images that invoke a sense of happiness and calm. Animated transitions and objects along with parallax effects were used to give additional visual interest.
Blue Leaf Mental Wellness Center
Dr. Tara May
Using textures, warm colors, and subtle animation, visitors are clearly presented with not only the experience of this psychologist, but establishes how approachable, caring, and compassionate she is.
The design is a more traditional scrolling website with animated elements and transitions worked into the pages to help it stand out.
Blue Leaf Mental Wellness Center
Major Damage
This website is the home of Animation Director Chris Bailey. For the client, it was important to not only display his artwork and experience, but articulate how much more he contributes to shows beyond directing.
Using animated transitions, the visitor is shown art work while navigating the site.


My work today has evolved from years spent as an animator, animation/technical director. The experience gained from contributing both creatively and technically to more than 200 commercials, films, and tv shows directly applies to what I do today. Story, art, and technology are just important now as they were then.
With several years in web design and development, my tools of choice include: HTML/Pug, CSS/Sass, GSAP, Gatsby, React, Netlify, and Wordpress as a headless CMS.
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