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My name is Rick May and I'd like to design, build, and grow a compelling web presence for your brand. One that converts visitors into customers and allows you to make more money in less time.
a product to sell?

You do have a story to tell!

And I'm here to help you tell it. Not just through copy, but with content, color, typography, and motion.
Because attention spans are short and second chances are rare, my focus will be on concise copy, uncluttered modern design, motion that draws attention to direct eyes, and content that supports your brand's story.

your web presence experience!

It's the most important marketing tool that your brand has. In today's world, your web presence is a combination of websites, landing pages, funnels, blogs, eCommerce, dripped content, and social media.
Successful businesses don't want to waste resources figuring it all out. That's where I come in. Not only will I do it for you, but it will be done right the first time.

Beyond the build.

After deployment, ongoing services include everything from hosting, content management, security, support, maintenance, SEO*, organic and paid marketing, fresh design and content injections, to a completely maintained and hands-off solution.
Monthly reports will tell you where your audience comes from and what they're doing. Search tools will scour the internet for both positive and negative mentions. From these reports, you'll get recommendations on how we can improve relations and grow brand reach even further.
* On-page SEO is included. Off page and updates to on page SEO is a post-deployment service.

Committed to your brand.

From concept through deployment; I'll be laser focused on your brand. My goal is to provide businesses and individuals with an agency-like experience, but with the one-on-one, straight to the source, you'll have my full commitment service that your brand deserves.
Portfolio Coming Soon
Portfolio coming soon.
If you are not in the mood to wait, please send an email to and I'll be happy to send you some links.

Then and now.

I've made characters walk, talk, and act. I've created fire, rain, and erupting volcanoes. I've written ad copy for commercials and developed story for film. All in all, I've contributed to nearly 200 commercials, features, and tv shows.
My work today has evolved from those film and advertising experiences. Story, art, design, and technology are just as important now as they were then.
Geek checklist: C#, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, GSAP, HTML, CSS, SASS, Pug, and Gulp.

Are you ready for me to design, build, and grow your brand's online presence?

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I'm here for you and your brand.